I have multiple email addresses. Actually, I have 3 personal email addresses and a handful of others that are specific to my other ventures in life. Of my 3 personal email addresses 2 of them have an after the @ name that isn’t immediately recognizeable; rocketmail and icloud. If you don’t know what rocketmail is, don’t ask me, just know it is another extension of Yahoo Mail.

I also have the obligatory Gmail, which is the account I want to be my sole email address. The one I use everywhere and give everyone when they communicate with me. However, for the better part of a decade I have been using my Rocketmail email address. This means I’ve had to go to every single email I get to my Rocketmail and make a list of all the sites that are linked to it and change them directly. But then there are all those newsletters I’m sign-up to.

I sign-up to a lot of Indie Author and Traditional Author newsletters. Some, because they are favorite authors of mine and I want to know what they’re up to, but a majority is purely for research. I want to know what service they use (mailchimp, mailerlite, etc.), how often they email, and what they say in their emails? It’s how I learn and grow when it comes to finding my own voice for my own emails. But, as I’m scrolling to the bottom of these newsletters looking for the “update preferences” link that is extra tiny and right next to the “unsubcribe” link, I couldn’t help but notice something; not all of them have this!

Immediately I’m asking myself, why?? I’d much rather give my subscribers the option to simply change or update their subscriber preference than the ONLY option of unsubscribing. At the end of the day, I ended up simply unsubscribing to newsletters and not bothering to take that extra step to resubscribe. Especially, when I know that by resubscribing I’ll be getting those automated emails that I really don’t want to be bothered with getting. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the point of the automated emails, but if you’re going to do that at least give us the option of udpating our preferences so that someone like me who simply wants to change her email address can do so with very little fuss!

In any event, MY newsletter has this option and I’m actively figuring out a way to ALSO make this option a larger font. Much larger than the unsubcribe link. Cause sometimes you just want to change an email and I feel your pain when you can’t…