Perhaps I am alone on an island with this but have you found that if you read any one person’s blog post, patreon post and subscribe to their newsletter that all three are about 90%+ the same content? There are times with certain authors I follow, and I won’t mention any names, where I’ll read something and say to myself “didn’t I read this already someplace before?” “Oh yeah, they mentioned this already in their Facebook Group or whatever.”

When I set out to be more “social” and have content to share outside of my storytelling content, the first thing I said to myself was I would either have things completely different to share in each medium or I wouldn’t share there. Why have I chosen to do this? Well, I’m treating my communication with the outside world the same way I am treating my stories. I’ll only tell a story I find extremely fascinating and I’ll only write a blog post or patreon post or newsletter that I’d want to read. And I definitely do NOT want to read the same thing in all places.

Of course, you could make the argument that the person who reads your blog posts isn’t necessarily the same person who is a patron or who’s subscribed to your newsletter. But, and correct me if I’m wrong, don’t you want them to be? Don’t you want one person to be invested in all you do and say and then have that one person’s investment in you multiply over and over again? Sometimes I think I’m overthinking this but allow me to break down how I do it because I’ve also heard the argument that it’s difficult to write 3 or 4 different things in different places and it’s just easier to say the same thing in all places.

My newsletter is (in my mind of course) for fans of Stonehaven and of my writing. I’m not likely to give them my personal thoughts on how I promote myself or my daily writing stints, especially as I only communicate to my email list once a month. Also, people on an email list are pressed for time. Your more likely to read an email on your phone and have dozens of other emails to get to. I’m still finding it hard to condense my emails, but trust me I’m working on cutting it down to just a few minutes worth of a read. Less is more with my newsletter so I get to the point: Buy my pre-order – My book is now available in Print. And move on.

My Patreon is just for Stonehaven Fables. Like my newsletter, I’m not likely to mention my thoughts and ramblings as an Indie Author. People there are interested in my content. It’s why they are a patron and what I’ve vowed to provide. My posts will be all about Stonehaven Fables and depending on the tiered pledge, my novels as they release. That’s it. Simple.

Now, my blog is where I can talk about whatever. I might review a book I’ve just read. I might tell you how much I really hate hashtags when it comes to social media. Or I might just discuss my thoughts on this crazy thing called indie publishing and how I manage to navigate through it every day.

As you can see, three different places and all three vastly different in terms of content. I created the bucket and then I decided what goes into it, sort of like the different colored garbage bins. Although, now that I mention it, I’m sure it’s a mistake to equate my posts, no matter where they appear, to garbage…but you get what I’m saying right?

So, is this something all indie authors should do? Meh, I guess it depends on the time you have to devote to thinking in these terms and the time you have to write all this information to share. Some writers don’t want to share their thoughts on their process and that is a-okay.

What matters, truly, is that you provide that strange follower exactly what they expect of you. Nothing more. Nothing less. If you don’t blog but you tweet and you have that newsletter, just make sure you are consistent. I’ve heard it so often I think I might have to share my thoughts on the subject on my next blog post. Consistency is said to be what separates the mice from the men!

Ramblings from the desk of a mouse,

E.L. Drayton