If I’m the only one who didn’t know this, I apologize for making it known here, but I imagine there are other Patreon Creators, like myself, who had a similar question but were unable to find the answer.

My patreon is per creation. This means, I thought, that a patron gets charged when I create something and charge them. It turns out that is not the case. Seems silly to me that there would be a per creation option but the payout is the same regardless of when you make that creation available.

For example, let’s say you create something and share it to your patrons, ticking the “charge for this post” option and it just so happens to be the 5th of April. Well, don’t look for your payout until May 1st! That’s correct! As per Patreons explanation here:

Patrons Only paid Post
Your patrons are billed their pledge for this post and the post is visible to all patrons, but not to the public. Patrons will have a pending bill on their account until payments are processed on the 1st of the following month, or immediately upon cancelling their membership to you (whichever comes first).


This, thankfully, hasn’t happened to me yet, but I can only imagine what might happen if a Patron is given “patron only” access to a post that they know they are going to be charged for to receive, but they check their account and there is no charge. I know my levels are fairly low, starting at the $1 level, but I also realize some of my Patrons may not even be able to afford that, and they like to keep regular track of their expenditures. Having their account charged on the 1st of the month is great for them, but is it made clear every time they are “charged” for a creation early in the month that they won’t ACTUALLY be charged till the 1st of the following month?


Does this mean, and I’m not saying any of my patrons would do this, that someone can become a patron, receive their creation (with the promise of being actually charged later) and then cancel their patronage, without ever actually being charged? I thought the idea of per creation was that I create something, I charge someone to receive that thing I create instantly and therefore should receive payment instantly as well??

I personally think it’s insane to do it this way, but I would imagine it’s for accounting purposes. As someone who’s worked in both AR and AP for the past 12+ years I know that there is a specific reason why some jobs pay bi-monthly (15th and last day of the month). It’s just easier for payroll to automate the process (ie less people and more machines). But let’s leave that be for the time being. If this is how Patreon is going to actually pay creators who feel more comfortable with a per creation model than a monthly model, I think it is our job to adapt to their rules. Especially, if receiving this payout is as important to you to receive as it is for your patron to pay it.


Schedule your “charge patron” post during the last 5 days of the month. This will mean that you’ll post something on the 28th of March and your patron will be charged just a few days later on April 1st.

Starting today I will be reworking when I actually produce my content from now on. Hopefully this won’t anger my patrons as much as it angers me. But as I look at the dates I set for releasing my Stonehaven Fables I realize they are all during the 1st or 2nd week of the month. I will now be moving the release date to the 4th week of the month instead.

If you are experiencing the same thing I am, do share in the comments below, or if I’m misunderstanding this process, I’d love some clarity from a fellow creator.

Thanks for reading!