It has not escaped my attention that many in the Indie community are concerned and outraged by Mailchimp’s decision recently to change how they will be calculating subscribers and unsubscribers. I’m not going to go into the details. I assume you have heard all about them either on Facebook or Twitter. What I will say is, this new change has given me pause for thought and made me realize I needed to see what else was out there that I could use. There are a few email service providers to help you put together an email list but I’m on a budget so getting as many features without spending any money is what I prefer. But I can’t deny the fact that I’ve been using Mailchimp for several years now and Mailerlite is something I’ve heard of and seen, though never imagined I’d ever find myself using…

I’m going to go into what I consider to be the PROS and CONS for me as a user. The below doesn’t mean they are the ONLY pros or cons and they are not a full-on endorsement to use either. this is just what works for me and what I intend to do with the information I have gathered for myself.


I can say they are both rather easy to learn. Within an hour I was not only using Mailerlite like a pro but I had managed to migrate over my list, recreate my email template, and linked it to my website and wherever else I have MailChimp linked.

Mailchimp allows me to have up to 2K subscribers, sending no more than 12K emails in any given month before I would have to upgrade to a paid account.


Compared to Mailchimp, Mailerlite only allows me to have up to 1K subscribers, sending no more than 12K emails in any given month before I have to upgrade to a paid account.

Mailchimp Pricing Plan

MailerLite Pricing Plan


As MailChimp has 2K as the max I can have before I’m required to join one of their pricing plans I intend on remaining with them. However, once I exceed this I will look into my pricing options. What I’m unable to see, and trust me I’ve searched, is the level of detail for what exactly the Mailchimp pricing plans cover. I find it hard to believe they would cover an unlimited amount of subscribers at the $15/month level. If that does end up being the case it might be beneficial to me to stay as Mailerlite would cost me an extreme amount of money the more subscribers I have.

Then again, the cost might become inconsequential to me with that large an email list as a high percentage of them may (and hopefully will) become buyers of the books I’ll be selling when released. Only time will tell. But for now, and especially as I am growing my email list 50+ every month, I’ll remain loyal to MailChimp.

What factors have you considered when it comes to which provider you’ll be using? Has MailChimp’s sudden change caused you to reconsider your options? If so, what provider are you moving to and why? Do share as I always remain open to trying out new things.


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