It hit me like a ton of bricks but I realized I have been going about promoting my work the wrong way! Perhaps I’m the only one having the revelation and sharing it with you but as I was sending yet another tweet promoting my Patreon I actually paid attention to the hashtags I was using. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that after using the same hashtags over and over and over again you can end up typing them in your sleep and they just become as necessary to your tweet as a period or a comma to a sentence.

So, I went through the motions of putting the obligatory #WritingCommunity, #amwriting, #writing and then I stopped! And this voice inside my head shouted, “WHO ARE READING THOSE HASHTAGS?!” And in an instant, I had that “AH HA” moment and I almost slapped my forehead. How stupid could I be? While the hashtags I mentioned are highly popular and used by millions of other Twitter users, someone who is a reader, looking for interesting things to read, isn’t likely to go to the #amwriting community to find it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are many readers who are aware of these hashtags and might visit them, but sharing my published work to other writers can feel like shouting into a void, mostly because everyone else there is doing the exact same thing!

If I want to attract readers to my newsletter and my Patreon and to buy my books then I need to promote where they are. Joining all the FREE PROMOTIONS Facebook Groups is great for making connections with other people on how to host a free promotion or get people to join in on your promotion, but it wouldn’t be smart to go there and promote your book for someone to buy it. Everyone else there has the same exact purpose; sell their book.

And now that I have realized my mistake I will fix it by using hashtags that are geared towards readers, not writers. Perhaps my change will work or perhaps it will fail miserably. Only time and proper use can tell.

Also, for those who might be interested, below is a list of the hashtags I intend to start using from now on:

#KU or #KindleUnlimited
#fantasy (or your particular genre/s)

What hashtags do you use to reach your readers?

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E.L. Drayton

E.L. Drayton was born and raised in Bronx, NY. As the daughter of a former high school English teacher, she was taught how to read and write before she even started formal schooling. She picked up reading quickly and could understand books well beyond her age. Later, her passion for writing came as no surprise. Ever since she has spent countless years building a library of books from all sorts of authors. Each book improving her writing along the way. Her decision to become an independent author was her destiny. Currently, she's working on her own universe, Stonehaven, with many books planned. There's also a planned illustrated novel series called Twin Crossing. She resides in Los Angeles with her wife and their two puppies.