A six-book series tailor-made to introduce you to the world of Stonehaven. Start in the small kingdom of Gaspar, ruled by a tyrant, and follow a path alongside Daxton who is determined to set his own course regardless of what destiny may have in store for him.


When his eighteenth birthday came, death and a life-shattering truth were close behind …

Daxton’s life was ideal. He spent his time blissfully hunting and roaming in the backwoods with his best friend Barton, and his beloved dog, Fang.

But on his eighteenth birthday, his parents revealed a startling fact: they aren’t his birth parents, he was abandoned on their doorstep as a baby left with nothing but a note, a sword, and a compass.

Daxton hurls himself towards his fate on a search for answers, accompanied by Barton and a witch who knows far more than she’s telling. Meanwhile, a king is waging war against the most hated female pirate in Stonehaven – the swashbuckling Silverblade, and Daxton is about to be swept right into the very center of it.

With an exciting and colorful cast, Daxton is a story of friendship, of thrilling action and adventure on the high seas, and of treasure not buried but hidden.

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