Welcome to the second of ten blog posts that collectively will highlight over 50 authors. What is SFFWA? It’s a group of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Women Authors. This all came about when I asked myself if it was possible to have a giveaway that featured all women who write within the SFF community. You’re about to see just how possible that is, coming August 1st*.

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Previous Spotlight Weeks

Elemental Rising
by Toni Cox

Maia, Elf princess of Elveron, has studied for almost a century to become a Prime Elemental but, when she finally completes her final test, which she had to take on Earth, something unexpected happens, and she brings with her the very thing she tried to leave behind.

Now she is faced with responsibilities she thinks she is not ready for, a love she does not reciprocate, and a threat to her people that might kill them all. Young, inexperienced, and unsure of her powers, she only has her desire to save her people that drives her into battle.
But she is not alone. She has her mentor, Silas, and her dragon, Midnight, who stand by her side as she embarks on an adventure to save not just herself, but the rest of the nation of Grildor as well.

Exorcising Aaron Nguyen
by Lauren Harris

The murder of Millroad Catholic Academy’s resident genius, Aaron Nguyen, shuts down student life at the boarding school in rural North Carolina…for about a week. With the resilience of youth, the student body bounces back, and the memory of murder is nothing but a streamer of caution tape fluttering in the breeze. Unfortunately for them, Aaron’s spirit has some resilience as well.

Georgia Collins doesn’t give a shit about ghosts. All she wants is a story to prove her underground school news blog is more than a gossip column, closure on her one-sided relationship with her best friend Hiroki, and a vanilla latte. She wasn’t expecting Aaron Nguyen’s death to be anything more than a cold spot in the science hall, but since Hiroki has the curse of Spectral Sight, he is the only person who can see and speak to Aaron–the only one who can find the murderers.

As the ghost’s demands for attention become increasingly violent, Hiroki wants Georgia to help him investigate the crime. Still hoping for spontaneous romantic combustion, she agrees to help bring Aaron’s murderers to justice and set the vengeful spirit free…but it’s not quite the close encounter she’s hoping for.

The Watcher of the Night Sky
by Rachel Pudsey


One wish on the stars.
A group of unusual suitors.
A quest to end a curse.

Abigail Crumble lives a quiet life in a simple village. And she likes it that way. Yet on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Abigail makes the biggest mistake of her life. She wishes on the stars for love without knowing the full impact of her words.

Abigail soon finds her life in chaos as enchanted suitors appear at her door, each professing their undying love for her.

Then, as Abigail uncovers a deep family secret that turns her world upside down, she is forced to make a decision that changes her fate forever. She must leave the comfortable life she’s always known and go on a journey to right the wrongs created by her wish.

But powerful creatures lurk in the shadows. Creatures that threaten not only her life but the fate of her entire land.

Could Abigail’s choice to leave home cost her more than she ever imagined?

Mixing fantasy, humour, and romance, The Watcher of the Night Sky begins the tale of one girl’s quest to rid herself of a curse and discover the reality of being careful what you wish for.

Perfect for fans of fantasy romance adventure stories, fae, fairytale retellings, Once Upon a Time, Kiera Cass, Marissa Meyer, Shannon Hale, and Mercedes Lackey.

by Trish Heinrich

Serpent has been protecting Jet City for almost twenty years. 

Zeke is the survivor of cruel experiments that left him with unusual powers.

When the man who kept Zeke captive threatens him and his family, Serpent is forced to come to their aid.  To save them, she’ll need to defeat a serial killer, soulless henchmen, and a sadistic scientist.

Can Serpent save Zeke and his family without losing her soul?

Will Zeke finally be free to live a normal life with his wife and child?

Find out in this prequel novella to the superhero series The Vigilantes.

by V.S. Holmes

Can Lin save their lives when she’s forbidden to get involved?

Lin Nalawangsa wakes from cyrosleep orbiting Earth. Her brother has a mission for her–go to Earth and keep tabs on their organization’s newest investment–an archaeological site that proves the existence not only of extraterrestrials, but their human students abducted from South America 13,000 years ago. And those students include Lin and thousands of others scattered among the stars.

What sounds like glorified babysitting turns out to be a web of conspiracies, violence, and complex cultural heritage. Lin must choose between her brother’s order not to get involved and the lives of the archaeologists she has put in danger.

Disciples is a novella set in the Nel Bently Universe and takes place simultaneously with Travelers.

Shanakee’s Tale
by D.F. Wink

The past is irreversible, but can we rectify the future?

Conall Hubbert designed an algorithm that predicted the future with deadly certainty. Now, he has to outthink his own machine and find the One who could change the course of time.
As global powers and fanatic movements enter the race, Conall fights to solve the riddle and chase down the person who can master time itself.

“Shanakee’s Tale” is a breathtaking prequel novella to the dystopian PROMETHEUS Trilogy. It will kidnap you into a world of intrigue, anarchy, and myths.