Welcome to the first of ten blog posts that will highlight over 50 authors. What is SFFWA? It’s a group of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Women Authors. This all came about when I asked myself if it was possible to have a giveaway that featured all women who write within the SFF community. You’re about to see just how possible that is, coming August 1st*.

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by Emerald Dodge

Jillian Johnson, superhero “Battlecry”, has a normal day ahead of her: stop the man dealing a mysterious and lethal substance on a college campus, save people from getting hit by cars, save children from burning buildings, go on stakeouts with her team, and most importantly, avoid a confrontation with her most dangerous enemy: her leader, Patrick.

Can Jillian survive?

The Creeper
by Darcy Lennox

Forbidden love. A clash of order. A dystopian world on the brink of collapse… and a zombie outbreak that will bring rivers of blood.

This is a tale you will never forget.


My name is something that people do not speak of lightly, afraid that saying it out loud would make them a target. I have seen the way people cringe into their skin in my presence, the way they recoil when I stand too close or how they instantly avert my gaze frightened to look at my eyes. The humans have likened me to something of a legend, simple minds caught up in their fables. But those who have witnessed the reaping are too afraid to speak… because they are petrified of admitting the truth. They call me the Reaper and they say that death and I are lovers – or so I’ve heard.

Sudden Chaos
by T.L. Payne

Coordinated EMP and Cyber Attacks. A desperate race. So much at stake.

Erick Wynn is about to be a new father. He and his wife, Amy, have prepared for nationwide financial collapse, but they never planned for coordinated EMP and Cyber Attacks to leave them separated, without power, communications or transportation.

Erick had just arrived at the airport to head off on a business trip when the lights went out. Now, he must fight his way through the violent streets of Chicago to make it home to his wife and unborn child before the violence reaches them.

Could you survive sudden chaos storming through the windy city to get home to your family?

Sudden Chaos is a post-apocalyptic EMP survival short story of The Days of Want Series and contains a FREE two-chapter preview of Turbulent, book one in the series.

by Olga Werby

Almost a century after Keres Triplets asteroid impact and subsequent nuclear exchange nearly ended all human life on Earth, a strange artifact is discovered on one of the moons of Saturn. Who should be sent to the outer reaches of the solar system to initiate the first contact with an alien culture? Dr. Varsaad Volhard, an evolutionary-socio-historian, is chosen to help the world understand the alien civilization that left an artifact some thirty thousand years ago, before humans even learned to farm, at the time when other human species still walked the earth. While Vars prepares for the mission, her father, Dr. Matteo Volhard, discovers nanobots among the microplastics he studies. The bots are everywhere and seem to have been created to bond with human cyber implants. Why? Matteo is made to keep his discovery a secret…as well as his and his daughter’s true origins. Both were donated to a Human DNA Vault as babies. Matteo was raised as a Seed before leaving with his young daughter to study ecology around the world. Who knows what? Who is in control? How does one communicate with non-human intelligence? People seem to die in gruesome ways as their cyberhumatics go haywire on Earth and on Luna and Mars colonies. Is Earth under attack or is it all just a cosmic misunderstanding? Vars needs to use all she knows to solve the mystery of the ancient civilization on Mimas, as her dad battles the alien nanobots at home.

A Bond of Destiny and Dragons
by Karen Tomlinson

When kings and gods fall, a queen will rise.

A Bond of Destiny and Dragons is the prequel to the extraordinary Young Adult fantasy series: THE GODDESS AND THE GUARDIANS by British author Karen Tomlinson.

Since time began and worlds , a brutal conflict has raged, pitting darkness against light and god against goddess. But time and betrayal have caught up with the powerful and the immortal, and the game of war is changing…

Dragons, the Guardians of the Gods, have all but eradicated themselves; the powerful goddess of creation is vulnerable, and a single female warrior is planning a betrayal which will transform the course of history.

Prince Lexon Arjuno and Commander Erzion Riddeon are childhood friends. The two powerful fae warriors now fight to survive as their homes and hearts are destroyed. Despite such a bond of friendship, their destinies will take very different paths.

Erzion has had one purpose in life: to protect Lexon. When a blood pledge to his goddess leaves him immortal, guilt becomes his burden to bare as he endures a life of servitude to the tyrannical usurper of the Avalonian throne.

Lexon, forced to flee his home, encounters unimaginable forces within the mysterious, war-torn lands he is compelled to travel. Will he fulfill his promise to his goddess to build a kingdom and an army far from everything he has ever known?

Filled with action, romance and unforgettable characters, A Bond of Destiny and Dragons will transport you into a land of armoured winged warriors, magic wielders and shifters. Readers of high fantasy such as Sarah J Maas and Morgan Rice will fall in love with this stunning new world; one you will not want to leave.

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E.L. Drayton

E.L. Drayton was born and raised in Bronx, NY. As the daughter of a former high school English teacher, she was taught how to read and write before she even started formal schooling. She picked up reading quickly and could understand books well beyond her age. Later, her passion for writing came as no surprise. Ever since she has spent countless years building a library of books from all sorts of authors. Each book improving her writing along the way. Her decision to become an independent author was her destiny. Currently, she's working on her own universe, Stonehaven, with many books planned. There's also a planned illustrated novel series called Twin Crossing. She resides in Los Angeles with her wife and their two puppies.