It gives me great pleasure to share with you the 15 SFFWA (Sci-Fi & Fantasy Women Authors) Members who are participating in this years 5th Annual SPFBO (Self-Published Blog Off)! SFFWA is a fairly new Facebook Group and idea I had for a giveaway but I quickly realized that it is so much more. The group is bringing together women from all over the globe at all levels of writing style, skill, and experience to support each other.

When I set out to join this years SPFBO, after following it since 2017, I hoped there would be others in the SFFWA group who would be doing the same. I was right! Here are the wonderful women, the books they’ve entered, and a link to purchase it on Amazon (just click the book image).

If you’d like to join the SFFWA Facebook Group, just type “SFFWA” in the search window. We are truly one of a kind. And look out for our largest giveaway of all women authors in the SFF community EVER created, starting August 1st!