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Riven stared out his window at the heavy rainfall. He liked to watch the lightning and how close it came to setting trees on fire. He wished he had his sister’s bedroom so he could keep an eye on his favorite tree. His mother told him stories about that willow tree and how, no matter the harsh weather, it remained standing. It was stronger than the winds, and though its bark seemed to stretch out over the cliff it never fell.

After two days of endless rainfall, he wondered if it would ever end. His only friend, a white rabbit, wondered the same as they both grew restless and bored. His mother and father forbade him from leaving the house during the storm. But Riven found little adventure in a home he’d scoured countless times. As far as he was concerned, there was nothing of interest indoors. Excitement could only be found outside.

Thunder rattled the wooden figures on his window sill till they toppled over, making his rabbit jump from his lap in fright. Riven reacted to catch the rabbit, but it hopped about the room like mad then scurried under the bed. Riven dove after it but was too late, the rabbit emerged from the other side and hopped towards the window. Forgetting he was under his bed, Riven raised his head and banged it, rendering himself momentarily dizzy. Once he stopped seeing stars before his eyes, Riven crawled out from under his bed and looked around his room but the rabbit was nowhere in sight. Then he saw it, rain drops on the floor by his feet. His eyes darted towards the window and dread washed over his face. The window was wide open.

Riven scrambled to his window and looked out. A white ball of fluff scampered across the front yard. He tried to shout, but his voice wasn’t loud enough to break through the rain and thunder.

“Damn rabbit!”

Without a moment of hesitation, Riven decided he would sneak out of the house and go after his rabbit. He reached for the door handle but stopped when he heard voices on the other side.

“Nelle, darling, I’m going across the marsh to help Lord Marcil. This nasty weather has set fire to part of their land. If you should see your mother, tell her where I’ve gone.”

“Yes, father.”

Riven pried open his door and peeked out. His sister stood in her doorway and winked at her brother before entering her room and closing her door. Riven emerged from his room. He reached back and grabbed a cape his mother presented to him as a gift nearly a year ago. It was too long for him, but she promised he would grow into it soon enough. He knew she would be angry with him for wearing it out in the rain, but it was the only garment he owned with a hood strong enough to protect him from the rain. It dragged behind him as he put the hood up and crept across the hall then down the stairs.

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