Who doesn’t love a reading challenge? Seems there are more reading challenges than there are time in the day to participate in them all! But let me sell you on why THIS challenge is the one you want to join! I have one word for you, “SPIFF-BO.” Don’t get it? Well, it’s the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off! And the 5th year is already under way! I won’t go into how nerve-wracking it can be to be one of the 300, instead I will draw your attention to the 40 Finalists of the past. I can’t guarantee that they will all be your cup of tea, but they were vetted by at least 10 blogs multiple times over. As Indie books go, I’m expecting these to be better than most. And this is where the challenge comes in. Let’s read as many of these finalists as possible. You decide how long you want to take to read as many of them. Perhaps till the next winner is announced in May 2020? Whatever pace you want to take, the point is more than just to read some new Indie authors, but to give them a review once you’re through! Now that is something every self-published author wants and would be happy to get!


by Plague Jack

by W.G. Saraband