It’s been an uphill battle to get Stonehaven to a place that I feel is ready to share with others. If I’m honest with you, and myself, I have to admit it was a 3 – 4 year process. From inception to the creation and ultimate publication, the road has been difficult and life-changing to say the least. But in the end, it was all worth it, because as a result, I will be able to guarantee the following goals for 2019!

Let me preface my announcements by stating I have no definitive dates for release on any of the below. I’m committed but I’m not THAT committed! I do promise to have “pre-order” dates by December 31st!

Novel-sized Releases

Daxton | The first novel in the ever-growing Stonehaven library! I’m probably most excited about this book because it will be the first and also because it’s been patiently sitting and waiting for release for over a year! That’s right, I wrote this book back in 2017 but I wanted to have several books completed before I rushed to put this one out there. And for good reason, trust me!

Eternal Forest | The second book in the 5th Compass series was not as easy to finish as Daxton was. Several grueling months that included a crushing death in my family. But I powered through and I think the time spent trying to get this book done was needed. It helped me iron out a proper storytelling format that I did not see clearly until I hit a wall on how to finish this book.

Lirien | The third book in the 5th Compass series completed during NaNoWriMo 2018 was such a treat for me because it reminded me that even with a full-time job and a family to be present for, I still had the time it takes to complete a full-length novel in just one month. All things are possible if you truly want it and have a family unit there to support your dreams.

Grave Bay | The fourth book in the 5th Compass series. I’m writing this post before I’ve done anything with this book of substance, but I do know I will be starting it sometime in January 2019. Which means all roads point to a 2019 release for this book.

I’d love nothing more than to say I will be able to release all 6 books in the 5th Compass series in 2019, but I don’t want to push myself any harder than I already am considering all my responsibilities. Instead, I know for sure 4 novels will make their debut in 2019. Pretty amazing if you ask me! But, I’m not going to finish there! Not by a mile! Here are some more releases for 2019!

Stonehaven Novellas

Spire | Ojo | Ramsey | Arco | Daxton

Each Novella will be between 30K – 40K in length and all 5 WILL release in 2019! I will also be giving away ALL 5 novellas in E-Book form to everyone on my email list! That’s right! If you’re reading this and you’re not subscribed to my email list you might want to do that now! For everyone else, each Novella will be made available for purchase via Amazon for $0.99!

In addition, I will release a print Volume of all 5 Novella’s together! I’m still working out the cost and logistics of making this volume available in Hardcover, but the paperback is already in the works!


Twin Crossing | Books One & Two

This is another project I started outside of my Stonehaven universe but just as imaginative and amazing. It’s a mystery/thriller story that combines my words with some great illustrations by my co-creator, Roberto Dell’Accio (aka Sketch). He and I have been working on this for as long as I’ve been working on Stonehaven and the time has come for us to start sharing what we’ve got thus far with you! What does this mean?

20 full-color illustrations with 20 full chapters! Each Book will be put into a Volume Edition as well. This means there will be many options to choose from for purchase when they come release. Dates are tentative, but both Sketch and I are committed to making this happen in 2019.

Underrealm Stories

Garrett Robinson has been more than an inspiration to me. He has been a mentor and a friend! I’d like to say he “discovered me” but really he helped me discover myself and my potential to realize that I truly could make my dream of writing not just a reality, but a liveable one. He has given me the opportunity to write my first short story for his universe, Underrealm. The first Volume of the Chronicles of Underrealm is already out for purchase as an E-Book, but in 2019 the hardcover will be available for purchase! It will include 12 glorious stories (including mine). And I’m not sure what the future plans are for the next set of Chronicles, but I do plan on writing another story to send to Garrett in 2019 and with any luck, you’ll see my second Chronicle!

Will 2019 be jam-packed? Yes! But I think I’ve set goals for myself that I can meet and it all goes well I will be able to look back on December 31st, 2019 and be proud of everything I was able to accomplish. What are your plans for the year?