This will be a quick one as I have already done plenty of writing last month. June, as you may remember, was a Novel Writing Month. This means that I wrote no less than 3K words nearly every single day in the month of June! And why did I do this crazy thing? So that I could write the full rough draft of a book that’s why. Granted, you won’t get your hands on this book until Q1 of 2020, but I like to be ahead of the game. I want to make sure I’m always delivering a great story with no downtime. At least not yet. Aside from writing the fourth book in the 5th Compass series I’ve been working on a few other things!

Let’s recap as we are now halfway through 2019!

1. Released Daxton! The first full-length novel set in the world of Stonehaven.
2. Wrote 8+ Stonehaven Fables that will all be exclusive to my patrons.
3. Released Riven exclusively to my patrons! The first (of many) Stonehaven Fables. Short stories that spotlight various characters.
4. Released Spire and the Dragonwood Affair, the first 5th Compass Novella,  for FREE to all of you lovely people!
5. Wrote the rough draft for a new Stonehaven series.

I’m quite pleased with my Q1 and Q2 output. I hope you have been, too? My Q3 and Q4 will be just as productive!

1. Release Eternal Forest. The second book in the 5th Compass series.
2. Release 4 more Stonehaven Fables exclusive to my patrons.
3. Write 2 more full-length novels during Novel Writing Months.
4. Release Ojo and the Mermaid Queen, the second 5th Compass Novella, for FREE to all of you lovely people!