I wrote a similar post on my Patreon, but rather than just copy/paste or cross-post, I thought I would write out my thoughts again on this matter. If you’ve read my Patreon post this may sound redundant and for that I apologize.

As I’m working long nights and weekends on creating these Tales of Stonehaven (as I like to call them and have taken to put on the covers) I realized I needed to use as many avenues afforded to me in my present state. Let’s face it, I’m writing for enjoyment, yes, but I’m all writing in the hopes that I can earn a living doing what I love. I can’t do that if I give it all away.

Initially, I made the bold statement that I would charge for my full-length novels but would give my email list FREE anything else I wrote for Stonehaven. This included novellas and my short stories. Then, I had to really take a step back and realize I might have been shooting myself in the foot doing that. Just because my novels are four or five times as long as my short stories or novellas doesn’t mean I shouldn’t hold them up to the same standards or benefits after they’re done. Hence, where my Patreon comes in.

Now, I know some have mixed feelings about Patreon and their current TOS. There is a passage which states that all content put on their site, while is the sole ownership of the person who put it there, Patreon can, at liberty, use that content however they deem fit. I can see how this can rub some people the wrong way. Not many in the Indie writing community use it, or if they do, it’s not in the way that I intend on using it.

Then there is the monthly vs per creation that they give a creative like me the option to choose from. More on that later.

I decided that I would uphold my promise to give my newsletter FREE reads and therefore, my novellas will all be just that; FREE. If you aren’t a part of my newsletter, you should join cause you’ll get my novellas, each of which will be between 20K – 25K words in length. But my Stonehaven Fables, my short stories of 2K – 5K words will no longer be free.

As of right now they will be exclusive to my patrons at a per creation charge and starting at the base level of just $1. What does this mean? Well, you only pay when I have something ready for you to read. I like this process better than charging every month regardless of what I produce. This way you know you’re getting something for the money you’re willing to spend and I know I’m not taking your money and haven’t produced anything.

Of course, there are levels above $1 per creation. The higher you choose to give per short story I share the more rewards you get on top of that. Some of these are: Digital copy of all my novels, print copy of every Stonehaven Fables Collections, and your name in the acknowledgements section of everything I publish! There are more rewards but I urge you to visit my patreon to find out what they all are.

Now, as to the concern about Patreon using my Stonehaven Fables however they deem fit. I think I may have found a work-around for that, though I could be wrong. I’ll share my fables with patrons via BookFunnel. This is a third party service that allows me to share my work with whomever I want. Meaning, I won’t actually be uploading or copy/pasting the story anywhere within my patreon. To get the story you’ll be able to download it in whatever digital format you choose. And unless patreon is able to click that link and download the contents from it (which I don’t think they can or will) then this is the process I will choose to use.

I hope you will consider becoming a patron. 2019 will be a short year and I only plan on releasing 5 fables. That means you’ll only be spending at least $5 and getting 5 stories! The next year, 2020, I plan on releasing just 10 stories. That’s at least $10 for you. But if you join at the $15 per creation level you’ll get the print copy and a bunch more stuff! Trust me, I’m going to make these stories more than worth it.