pd books (named after my mother, Pamela Drayton) is where I will henceforth be writing anything and everything that is my own work. As a person with a vast amount of imagination, I’m constantly coming up with story ideas that extend far beyond fantasy and the world of Stonehaven. I have series of books that you would not believe! But none of them can I even consider telling you about or writing about until storytelling becomes my main source of income. You can help me get closer to releasing more Stonehaven books and stories from completely different genres (listed below) by purchasing my books or becoming a Patron. Just sayin’… 

A universe of my own creation, with over 50 adventures planned! This vast world will take my entire life to fully introduce to you. My debut series explores the part pirates play in Stonehaven. But there are so many more colorful characters to meet and fan over! Not to mention the exclusives my VIP Newsletter get and Stonehaven Fables only Patrons can access for nearly a year before anyone else!

Sometimes an image can bring about so many ideas for a story and other times it can make your mind think bigger! In my case, when I approached a Twitch Illustrator and asked to use one of his images in my Writing Studies I didn’t realize that years later I would have multiple characters, storylines, and illustrations to show for it! The full color books and posters are forthcoming, but when they do, watch out, cause these tales will scare the pants off you!

Agatha Christie and Sue Grafton are, by far, my favorite authors of all time. And they both happen to be mystery writers. So, it’s no surprise that I should have come up with a mystery series of my own. Doubly no surprise that it should take place in NYC. What makes it different, and interesting, is it takes place when the Metropolitan Transit System was first being built and taking the train was all the rage! How exactly were they policed and who did the policing? This is, of course, all fiction, but what a wild ride it will be, filled with mystery and insights into the new world just waiting for criminals to inhabit!