When I decided to write short stories that took place in Stonehaven, it was because as I was writing the first series, The 5th Compass, I realized I was also creating amazing characters I didn’t want to just walk away from. As a writer it can be difficult to create a character, have them play a vital role in the book or series for just one scene or chapter and then leave them right where you created them.

Speaking for myself, when I create a character I give them as much backstory as I would if they were the main character in the story. From the nameless barman to the noble king’s guard. They all have a history whether you, the reader, knows it or not. But in some cases I feel the backstory I have given them in my mind is too good to just stock it away in the endless filing system of my mind. Sometimes those characters and their story, I feel, deserve a bit more. Just not of a novel or series length. And it’s these characters who I intend to spotlight by giving them their very own fable.

The fables will be packaged as short stories. No shorter than 2K words and no more than 5K words in length. My future goals, hopefully starting in 2021, is to be able to write 15 fables a year. I will then take those 15 and put them into a collection as a paperback.

But where does Patreon come into play in all this? Well, unlike Amazon which gives 35 – 70% royalties for every ebook sale, depending on the price, with Patreon I get to pocket more, meaning you, the reader, can know that when you become a patron at the $1 level I am getting almost all of that $1.

Aside from the royalty rate, I love the idea that you support me when there is something to support. Meaning, you only pay for what I produce and not monthly regardless of what I do. There will be a month or two where I won’t have a fable (at least for 2019 & 2020) but knowing I have your support will motivate me to work harder to bring you amazing stories!

Making my fables Patron exclusives and not making them available on Amazon until I put them into collections to sell to the general public I think will be the best decision I’ll make early on in my writing career.

I understand there are those who are leery of Patreon and wouldn’t dream of using it the way I am deciding to and that’s cool. There are no two writing journey’s that are the same and that’s what makes it so exciting.