Spire and the Dragonwood Affair (Snippet)

You read my PS! Awesome! As promised, here are the first 500 words of my Novella coming out VERY soon! This is only the 2nd draft and has at least 2 more rounds and a few more pairs of hands to go through before it is 100% ready. But I couldn’t wait to give you at least a small taste of what’s to come.

Spire’s ship had sailed under Captain Silverblade’s flag the longest, second only to her own. He came to be a part of her crew under circumstances there were beyond his control, but one thing was for sure; he owed his very life to her. On the run and looking to get as far away from the home that bore him, he found himself enslaved on a ship, forced to work his way to Steelwater. The journey lasted several weeks. And as he had nothing but the clothes on his back, the ship’s captain, Rafe, took one look at him and all he saw was an extra pair of hands to help during the long trip.

 Spire had always been both clumsy and lazy, traits he picked up from the long hours spent getting into trouble as a youth. But while on the Poison Rose, he had to learn fast how to take orders and follow them. It was either that or risk being left behind at the mercy of four brothers. They were the reason for his hasty departure from Dragonwood and even now as he sits in silence staring at the compass on his desk, they are the reason for his worry at going back.

When the Poison Rose set sail the captain checked his own compass and charted a course for a channel that almost every sea-farer knew was currently being held by Captain Silverblade. At the time she was seen by other captains as more of a nuisance and no one, especially cargo ships who had a destination to reach, paid her any mind.

Spire often thought back to the moment her ship, the Shadow, blocked the Poison Rose and prevented it from getting through the channel. He considers it her defining moment as a force to be reckoned with in all of Stonehaven and made her someone every king in every kingdom had to take notice of.

The memory of his first encounter with Captain Silverblade came flooding back to him as he continued to stare daggers into the compass. It bore no resemblance, of course, to the compass that Captain Rafe constantly consulted, along with his maps, but like a nightmare he remembered the blood.

Captain Rafe was busy hovered over his map as always, only this time he was able to do it out in the open, in the fresh air. For more than seven days they had endured treacherous storms unlike anything Spire had ever seen, and he was exhausted when he trudged across the ship in a daze, ready for some rest.

“Spire! Where the devil do you think you’re going?” Captain Rafe’s voice boomed down to him. Spire hoped to get passed him without being seen but he was wrong. Too tired to give an answer he just looked up and waited for orders to be shouted down to him. But the orders never came.

What happened next was all quite a blur to Spire who barely survived the massacre that Silverblade and her men gave when they managed to sneak onboard unnoticed. It wasn’t till the fighting had ended and all who were left alive from Captain Rafe’s crew agreed to surrender or be fed to the sharks in the sea, that Spire found their captain, stabbed in the back. Rafe still clutched tightly to his compass, but Spire pried it from his cold fingers and pocketed it.

Hungry for the rest? I’m hoping to get the whole thing to you by Friday, June 21st! And don’t worry, when I do, it will be in ebook form so you can read it on whatever device you choose. I also hope to have a tentative cover reveal for the novellas on the next Month End email!