In 2019 I introduced Daxton and his friends in the series The 5th Compass, but the world of Stonehaven does not end with them. In fact, their story and who they meet along the way is just the beginning. I have many more stories — short, long and everything in-between — that is sure to keep you reading the Tales of Stonehaven for years to come. Below is just a taste of what I have in-store as it pertains to Stonehaven (in no particular order):

  • Silverblade
    • Princess
    • Dethroned
    • Shadow
  • The Last Dragon
    • Story of Time
    • Born of Death
    • Fall of Dragons
  • River
    • River Run
    • River Wrath
    • River Kill
    • River King
  • Woodvale Academy
    • The House of Rhog
    • The House of Omnicrone
    • The House of Minetae
    • The House of Simiota
    • The House of Taurin
    • The House of Rainu (Novella)