As an Indie Author I want to live off every word I write. But, I also want to have as much of my writing available for free. This is where my Super Fan Patrons come in.

How does it work?

The payments you make are on the 1st of every month, no matter when you choose to become a Patron. Your card will be charged the Reward Level of your choice and you can choose to receive the reward associated with that level or just to be a Patron without collecting on any of the rewards.

What are the reward levels?

$1 | $3 | $5 | $10

What are some of the rewards I can get for being a Patron?

  • Two Monthly posts (15th & Last Day of every month) with exclusive chapter-peeks, cover reveals, and so much more¬†you’ll NEVER find in my Weekly Newsletters.
  • Your name in my acknowledgments section of all my books.
  • Access to all my Wednesday BTS (Behind the Scenes) posts. I’ll give you my thoughts on the writing process from beginning to end.
  • Entry in all Giveaways.
  • A digital copy of every book I write earlier than everyone else.

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