Episodic 1/5 – 2/24






Progress Report:

Book One (Daxton) is in the process of a complete rewrite, from top to bottom. I had a bit of an epiphany this week, as I was in the middle of packing and map creating, I realized the whole new world I was developing right before my eyes that I was leaving out of this series. This is, in essence, more than just a 6-book series, it is my introduction to this world I’ve created. I feel I would be doing an injustice to the future readers if I did not do my due diligence and craft the best “introduction to ShadowRealm” that I possibly can.

Book Two (Eternal Forest) was started, a bit early, and now sits and waits for me to “get around to it. It’s about 20K in, but with the massive rewrite I’m planning for Daxton I’m glad I have not chosen to go any further. I will leave it be (for now) as I focus my efforts on getting Book One where I need it to be and hopefully upgrade the entire series at the same time so I won’t need to do a massive overhaul like this ever again.

Planned Release Dates:

Daxton 2/13/18
Eternal Forest 4/17/18
Lirien 6/12/18
Grave Bay 8/14/18
Solara 10/16/18
Destiny’s End 12/18/18