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Loren pursues Damaris of the family Yerrin. But Damaris has fled south into Dorsea, and she knows she is being hunted.

The power of the High King s hand is still at Loren s back, but that has not helped her bring her arch-nemesis to bay. Damaris eludes her at every turn, and the best trackers at Loren's disposal cannot close the gap in her pursuit. And then disaster strikes in Underrealm's great civil war, as an entire kingdom turns traitor.

Her mission has never been more urgent, and yet despite her best efforts, Loren cannot gain the upper hand. As the danger to her friends grows ever greater, Loren must decide just how far she is willing to go to deliver the High King s justice.

The fantasy novels of the Nightblade Epic have topped the bestseller charts again and again, and are hailed as one of the best new sword and sorcery series in years.


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In a city of lies, the truth can be deadly.

Detective Shannon Rourke was born unlucky. While a blizzard dumps on Chicago, she’s the detective called to investigate a dead girl found in The Loop.

This isn’t another run-of-the-mill Chicago murder. The dead girl is the tip of an iceberg—a deep, dangerous past better left below the surface. A sane person would quietly let the case drift away.

But Shannon Rourke isn’t a quitter.

Soon, she’s engulfed by danger. And while trying to pull up the truth, Shannon’s personal demons threaten to isolate her, making her easy prey for a serial killer who seems to be targeting her too.

A shocking crime thriller that’ll keep you turning pages to the final, heart-stopping twist.

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A woman torn between honor and survival...

Raised in a realm where humans are no better than slaves, Rie Lhethannien has struggled for decades to earn a meager post in the High Court messenger service. Even training as an elite fighter isn’t enough to earn the respect she craves. Scorned by the high elves who rely on her loyalty, Rie’s closest allies are the fierce carnivorous pixies who travel by her side.

When she’s attacked on a routine delivery by assassins from the enemy Shadow Realm, Rie’s martial prowess keeps her alive…and frames her as a traitor. Facing execution at the hand of an unmerciful high elf king, Rie must forsake her oaths and flee into enemy lands to prove her innocence. The secrets she uncovers may threaten more than her honor or even her life...for war is looming in the nine faerie realms.

Sanyare: The Last Descendant is the first book in The Sanyare Chronicles, a fast-paced dark fantasy adventure. If you like kick-butt heroines and action-packed fantasy filled with mythological creatures, then you’ll love the first novel in Megan Haskell’s debut series.

Start your journey across the nine faerie realms today!

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An enchanted island. An ancient evil. A society determined to gain power.

After a violent attack leaves their father in the hospital, Abigail and Benjamin Cole soon discover there's more to their family history than mental illness.

But when fifteen-year-old Abi is abducted, she learns the attack wasn't random. Thrust into an exotic and beautiful world part of a multi-millennial feud, she must decide who to trust in a society built on secrets. Questioning everything she's ever known, she enlists the help of a boy connected to her in impossible ways and uncovers a dangerous secret stretching generations.

With Abi gone, seventeen-year-old Ben desperately tries to search for both his sister and his mother, but his hold on reality is fading. Something dark has latched onto him. In a race against his own failing mind, where violent hallucinations and paranoia force him to believe he's next in line for the family curse, he learns he's the only one that can save his family.

When darkness is coming, who do you trust?

Magic. Possession. War. Perfect for fans of Libba Bray, Cassandra Clare, and Leigh Bardugo.

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Ten years ago, superheroes succeeded in their battle against the forces of evil. With the final supervillains destroyed, it seemed that the world would at last see peace. However not even the heroes could stop a global financial crisis.

Desperate to save their economy, the American government funded research into developing a means of manufacturing superpowers.

They succeeded.

The American economy flourished. More and more people rushed to gain powers but the high cost of production meant that only the rich could afford the procedure.

Unemployment began to rise rapidly among non-powered citizens as superpowered individuals began eating up all the available jobs.

Years later, another financial crisis has left non-powered communities angry and desperate for support. As protests begin to sweep the nation, conflict seems unavoidable.

Enter The League: The last surviving superhero team in America.

As tensions continue to rise between the powered and non-powered communities, our heroes will be forced to choose sides in a morally gray struggle that will decide the future of the entire country.