BOOK ONE (Daxton)



A Captain Silverblade in battle with a ship under the command of the King of Gaspar. (Name the ship)

She manages, as always to defeat the ship, killing all but a small group who she lets flee back to their kingdom to tell the King what she has done.

She learns she is pregnant and fears for the life of her unborn child. Being a Pirate, especially a Captain, is no life for a child.

The King of Gaspar puts a bounty out on the head of this Captain Silverblade. She finds out of this bounty and can fend off those ships who try to capture her but fail.

The King sends his only living heir, upon his sixteenth birthday after the Captain Silverblade. Her men do not know who he is when they kill him, sending the King in a fury, changing his decree from capture to now KILL the Captain Silverblade.

She gives birth to a son who she decides to give up without telling the father.

A Witch casts a spell that she may live forever by splitting her soul amongst FIVE Compasses (each with an inscription??)

She takes 4 of the 5 and gives them to her men, charging them to take them as far away from her and each other as possible and hide them where no one can find them.

The 5th compass she leaves with her son who she places on the doorstep of a farming couple in the land of (Name this place).



The Captain Silverblades son, Daxton, is now eighteen and on the eve of his birthday his parents overhear him speak of a dream he had to his best friend, Barton.

His parents decide it’s time to tell him the truth of how he came to be their son and the only family he’s ever known. They give him the Compass he was left with.

His best friend’s father happens to be the son of General (Name Here) who oversees the King of Gaspar’s Army. He’s also the Kings most trusted advisor.

The King shares a secret to his General no one else knows. He takes him to a witch he captured and who wants to bargain for her release by telling him of the Five Compasses. She knows not where they are but that they exist. To prove their existence, he charges his General to seek them out and destroy/bring them to him unharmed.



Daxton sets out to discover who left him by starting with who built the compass. His parents don’t stop him but they give him one more present to keep with him on his travels, a bow and arrow set.

He only knows of one such compass maker who hails from a land he can get to by land but would take a long time! So he must go by ship, only problem is he can’t swim and has the WORST case of seasickness just from smelling the ocean!

His best friend takes him by way of a Witch who can “cure” him of his fear, but not without a price. This is the same witch who made his mother immortal, she knows it and sends him off with a cryptic message.

Able to brave the open waters Daxton and Barton set sail to find the Master Compass Maker (name here).

They obtain labor jobs upon a steam ship which is apprehended by Barton’s father. He must journey in secret so the other men in the King’s army won’t give away their plan.

The Compass Maker doesn’t remember who he sold the 5 to but he knows where he’s seen one of them recently and tells the boys.

The General obtains the same information but through less clean means, leaving the Compass Maker for dead.

The boys find one of the Compasses and ask the person who is in possession of it how they came to have it. She reveals a pirate gave it to her. She knows not where the ship he commanded was headed but was able to read the name: (Name ship here)

Barton’s father (the General) runs into the boys at this location of the Compass and demands it from his son, threatening to kill the girl’s family is he does not hand it over.

The General follows through and kills them in front of his son. The boys grab the girl and flee the General on the steam ship they travelled on earlier. They leave in haste when the captain of the steamship sees the anger in the approaching General, not letting him on.

While they get their bearings, the boys attempt to comfort the orphaned girl. A mysterious man nearby overhearing their conversation and predicament says he knows of the pirate ship they seek for he seeks it as well. He was the captain of it before he was left for dead for acts of betrayal against the Captain Silverblade. He seeks his revenge and his ship back, offering to help them on their journey.



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