Have you ever wanted to see how a writer does it? And by “it” I mean, write, of course! Here, I will show you as much as I can of my process for writing a novel from beginning to end.

What can you expect to find:

Simple Outline | Step One of my writing process is to put down the concept in a 3-Act structure made up of key elements I want to make sure I hit in the story.

Detailed Outline | Step Two I take the simple outline and I break it down into individual chapters, giving myself just the highlights of points I feel must be hit in each. I make sure each chapter has “something” happen in it.

The Board | Taken from the screenwriting world (Blake Snyder in particular) I’ll show you an example of what my Detailed Outline looks like when it’s written out on cards, making it easier for me to move around scenes/chapters if I need to.

Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet (Writer Edition) | I took his 15 elements and rewrote them to be easier understood for novelists/writers. These points are important elements to tell a “story” and should be included in yours. But they are merely guidelines and do not have to be followed according to Hoyle.

Much more to come!