pd books

I will say this name was officially established on September 18th, 2018. I had been toying around with what name I would like to write all of my books under. At first, I had the name “Unnatural Things” and although it had a cool name and a cool logo (see below) I really did not feel it would be the best representation of my work. I had to come up with something better.

Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks! Everything I do I want it to honor my mother, who raised my brother and me as a single parent. She was and always will be my biggest supporter. And even though she is an angel in heaven now, I want to give an even BIGGER nod to her than just dedicating my books to her. I want all of my written work to be under her name. Therefore, I came up with this:

I present to you PD Books. It can be interpreted two ways: Pamela Diane or Pamela Drayton. In either case, everything I write will now be written under the publishing name of PD Books.