pd books (named after my mother, Pamela Drayton) is where I will henceforth be writing anything and everything that is my own, with a few exceptions that I equally can and cannot tell you about. In the meantime, below is a list of my present and future endeavors. Some are immediate, while others won’t happen until I can make writing a full-time thing. So, if you see something below that might be worth your time to read? You can help me achieve my goal of becoming a full-time author and purchase what I have released already! Cause then I write the other stuff I’m gonna reveal below. Just sayin’…


Chronicles of Underrealm
Super Secret Project (TBA in 2019)


Twin Crossing | A collaborative effort between myself and Sketch (an illustrator as you can guess by the name). We have been working on this world that is like if Once Upon a Time crossed paths with the Twilight Zone. It’s steeped in mystery and really horrific stuff, all at the hands of a living House. I know, just doesn’t make much sense does it? But when we release each book, containing 10 images each, then hopefully some of your initial questions will be answered. Book One is complete and half of Book Two. Hoping to get both books released as well as Volume One (both books combined) in 2019. Fingers crossed!


Sterling Addams | What if the NYC Metro system was despised by the NYPD and in the beginning they refused to police it at all, claiming they were stretched too thinly already? The Metro System had no choice but to employ their own unique group of individuals who would be responsible for solving and stopping crime in the NYC subway system without the help of the NYPD, except when they swoop in to take credit from time to time. Sterling Addams is not an official member of this group hired by Metro, but she does consult with them as a private detective. Her skills are a cross between J.B. Fletcher, Columbo, Sherlock Holmes, and Hercule Poirot. Each book planned will be in a similar vein to the Alphabet Series written by Sue Grafton. This idea came to me long before Stonehaven, but I will not write it until I become an Indie Author full-time. That’s my goal and I’m sticking to it!


The Commune | Think of the wildly popular Teacher’s Pet Podcast meets the equally popular story of Charles Manson, only it’s totally NOT a true story. Or is it? The idea came to me while I spent over 6 months in 2018 listening to every kind of podcast in the same investigative lane as Teacher’s Pet and couldn’t stop watching Reelz or History tv shows. That stuff is fascinating and addicting and this idea that just wouldn’t leave my mind is one so far removed from anything I have written or want to write that I’m probably MOST excited about writing this one. But, I promised myself, like my Sterling Addams idea, I would not even entertain the idea of writing The Commune until I could turn whatever books I do release first into something that can sustain me and my family comfortably. Trust me, this one will be worth the wait and worth helping me to attain. Based on true to life “possible” events and yet still far-fetched enough to almost not be totally true…