Dear Constant Reader,

You may be coming here completely new to who I am and my writing. If that’s the case, welcome! I’m glad you’re deciding whether or not to become a member of my Constant Reader Community. I’m super (dee-duper) happy to have you here. No, seriously, I am.

And I’m sure you’re wondering: What exactly will my newsletter be about? How often will I send them? What are the benefits to them, if any?

Those are all great questions! Thank you for asking! The answers are simple:

  1. All newsletters will be about my writing. That’s it.
  2. Daily & Weekly word count totals, including what my monthly goal will be.
  3. Frequency? I’ll be sending out an email every Sunday. I can’t say the exact time of day, but it will be on Sundays (I’m aiming to get them out every morning).
  4. I’ll share with you one line from what I’ve written during the week that I really loved. I’m also going to share a new character every week, telling you a little bit about them.
  5. What benefit, besides getting a lovely email from me every Sunday, will you get from my emails? You’ll be the first to know about release dates (when pre-ordering is available), special Newsletter only giveaways based on your participation, and more*!

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Want to be a Member of the Ultimate Constant Reader Community, here’s how:

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*If you’re down here lurking you noticed the asterisk and want to know what the “and more” means? Well, there is ONE MORE THING you’ll find in “certain” emails that not even Patrons will get! OMG, what is it? (I imagine you asking) Well, there will be a few Easter Eggs in the emails! I’m not at liberty to say how often, but they will be there and they will be EPIC!