Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

Star Rating:

Points Per Category: 14 out of 15

Character(s) = 4
Plot(s) = 5
Writing = 5

The Review

In this story, there are many characters. I won’t go into all of them, just the ones I can remember. I’ll start with Eddard (Ned) who is the lord of Winterfell, the Hand to King Robert, and just an all-around good guy. Perhaps too good. It is this kindness (spoiler) that does him in towards the end. And of all the deaths his was the one I found myself sad about. What I found of note is that more than 50% of the POV characters this book is told from happens to be from the Stark family: Jon Snow (the bastard), Arya (Youngest daughter), Sansa (eldest daughter), Bran (2nd youngest son), and Catelyn (wife to Ned and mother to a brood of children). Then there are Tyrion (the Imp) and Deanyres (sp?) the woman who has done some pretty extraordinary things considering the circumstances of her life during this story. I think both women, Cat and Dany, were my favorite. Strong women in their own right having to influence the events around them as best they know how without disrupting (too much) the natural order of things. OH, WHAT A BURDEN!

As plots go, this fantasy I found to be rather simplistic. For me, that is NOT in any way a bad thing. The last thing I want is to be bogged down by a cacophony of words I don’t know the definition of (constantly flipping to a glossary at the back of the book) or words I can’t pronounce because the author is trying to be “clever” but really they aren’t. This story is your classic “fight or die” kind of story. An easy to follow story that is relatable from the most basic of levels (ie. I must avenge my father, my friend, my sibling) makes me want to keep turning the page until I have consumed it all. That is what this book did for me. Granted, there are A LOT of “main characters” meaning there is a lot of plot POVs. And even though they are interwoven they each have their own goal and unique ending. Took me a little over a month to read but worth it and I will definitely read the next book (though probably NOT in 2019).

I want to echo what I said before about the simplicity. I appreciate immensely the choice of words throughout and even though it reads like old English I was not fumbling over sentences or struggling to figure out what a word or phrase meant. Like any good book/writer, the definition should present itself in its surrounding sentences and if it doesn’t…