Looking for the next great book? Are horror, suspense, mystery, and fantasy the kinds of genre’s you enjoy reading? Sign-up below for a chance to become a part of “The Team”! If you are accepted you’ll receive an email confirmation along with any relevant documents to help you become better acquainted with what is expected of you and what you should expect from me. Thank you for your consideration!

Be advised, fill out ONE of the Applications below as both are much too time-consuming to be a part of and I’ll only want someone to do one of them!

Beta-Reader Application


Be available to Beta Read every book in the current Series (Currently: The 5th Compass, a 6-book series)
Be able to meet tight deadlines.

Beta Reader Team

Advanced Reader Application

As an Advanced Reader, you’ll receive the Final E-Book Copy one or two weeks prior to its release date. Further details will be furnished upon receipt of your application.

Advanced Reader Team