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Write what you want to read. As a storyteller I’m always looking to read new adventures but now I get to write them for you to read as well.

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Dream.

E.L. Drayton was born and raised in Bronx, NY. As the daughter of a former high school English teacher, she was taught how to read and write before she even started formal schooling. She picked up reading quickly and could understand books well beyond her age. Later, her passion for writing came as no surprise.

Ever since she has spent countless years building a library of books from all sorts of authors. Each book improving her writing along the way. Her decision to become an independent author was her destiny.

Currently, she’s working on her own universe, Stonehaven, with many books planned. There’s also a planned illustrated novel series called Twin Crossing. 

She resides in West Hollywood with her wife and their two puppies.

E.L. Drayton

My Books


Spire and the Dragonwood Affair

Eternal Forest

Ojo and the Mermaid Queen