Name: E. L. Drayton

Age: 33

Raised: Bronx, NY USA

Lives: West Hollywood, CA USA

Occupation: Indie Author

Hobbies: Reading / Gamer

Favorite Author: Agatha Christie

Favorite Movie: Summer Stock


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Never underestimate the power of a dream. It’s not the size of the dream but how badly you want it. I’ve wanted to be a storyteller for as long as I can remember. Ever since my mother taught me how to read, write, and even how to spell (though I’m still a bit rusty on that one) I’ve wanted to tell stories as amazing as the one’s I’ve read.

When I was approached by Garrett to join his Elite Squad of Super Human Writers (that’s what I call us in my head…) it was at a time in my life when things were unsteady. A part of me felt I could not do it. Sure, I had some ideas about the world of Underrealm I had come up with all on my own, even before he had asked me, but I just wasn’t mentally “there” because, and he knows this as well as I do, life can really suck sometimes. Not to get too deep into my life I will say that having Underrealm to write for has pulled me out of my funk. And giving me a reachable goal reminded me of the ones I had set for myself before my world got turned upside down late last year. With all the life suckage I had forgotten, briefly, about my dream.

Then I started writing for Underrealm and quickly remembered why I love doing this. All the amazing stories I want to tell in my own universe, and suddenly the itch came back. Lucky for me, all of this happened in a timeline conducive to being a part of Underrealm! Cause I’m here and I’m telling my story!

You’ll find out about my contribution to the Underrealm Chronicles in due course, but let me tell you a little bit about what I do. As I said before, I am a storyteller. In this day and age I’d be considered an Author. An Indie Author. So far I have two major worlds I’m telling stories (of both novel and short) about. If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to give you as brief a description as I can about them:

The first is Twin Crossing. It’s a world that came about through a collaboration between myself an a fellow Twitch streamer who happens to be an Illustrator. I write the story and he provides all the illustrations that go along with my words. We intend to present these series of books as Illustrated Novels that are mostly horror/suspense/mystery. A living House (note the capital “H”) has discovered a temporary way to live forever until it can devise a plan to become immortal. There’s a bit more to it than that. The House “splits” people, stealing their soul  and in the process, sending their alternate ego to the parallel while their normal persona stays behind. The protagonist also happens to be the House’s protector, until he discovers the truth and decides to help reunite the separated souls!

My second and most extensively planned world is ShadowRealm. I won’t go into too much detail about it as I can go on and on the way Garrett can about his Underrealm. What I will say is its got pirates, dragons, mermaids, and a demon dolphin, among other creatures! My first series in this universe is called The 5th Compass, and from it will sprout many characters which you’ll hopefully love so much you’ll be begging to find out more about them…and I will be ready, willing and able to tell you. They are definitely fantasy, some epic and some YA, but all of them packed with adventure and a world just waiting to be explored by fans just like you. If you love what Garrett gives you, then perhaps what I’ve got in store for 2018 will be something you’ll want to consider. Plus, the first book in the series will be 100% free for anyone who wants to read it!

I currently reside in Los Angeles with my girlfriend and our puppy (cause of the many bio-specific research I’ve done to prepare mine for you, giving logistics on one’s living location and logistics is a thing…)

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